I read some great car buying advice in a book about something academic (the Predictioneer's game, I think was the title), the gist of the strategy is to locate the make & model of the car you want, make a list of dealerships that would sell that make and model, call them up, one by one, and ask them for their best… » 5/17/11 12:15pm 5/17/11 12:15pm

We use both Sharepoint (since 2006) and Google Docs (since 2010) in our organization. IMO, Sharepoint is like a vast building site, stacked with all the materials you need to create the most incredible building ever- but you gotta build it first. Google Docs is like a fully furnished corporate apartment rental- you… » 4/18/11 2:25pm 4/18/11 2:25pm